Home-School Communication

Home-school Communication


Parents have always played the teaching role before their child enters kindergarten. Parents instill moral values in their children and help children establish their behavioral patterns. Parents are the first educators for their children; they also mark the beginning of informal education. There is no doubt that parents play an important role in educating their children.

Research and literature has also identified the importance of parental involvement in children’s education. The associations between parental involvement and children’s learning, language development, emotions regulations, social development and self –care abilities have been identified. In fact, scholars have pointed out that parents’ involvement in children’s education can enhance children’s self-concept and learning attitudes (Cooper smith, 1967; Morrow and Wilson, 1961).

Apart from parental education, children’s learning experience in kindergartens, which could also be referred to as “formal education”, also plays a crucial part in children’s development. Therefore, if parents and schools can cooperate with each other, children will benefit a lot more.

We are very grateful for all the cooperation, support and contributions from parents, teachers and the school in the past. Looking to the future, we will continue to support children’s growth and education through cooperation with parents and other community members.

Parent Classroom Experience

Parents’ Talk

  1. Topic:「Parent-child Fun Languages」

Date:29th September 2018(Saturday)

Content:Understand the oral muscles and speech development of children and skills to improve their language acquisitions.

Speaker:Ms. Tao Chi Hin, Registered Speech Therapists, Hong Chi Association

  1. Topic:「Sensory Integration」

Date:3rd November 2018(Saturday)

Content:Understand the relationship between learning and Sensory Integration and some practical skills to enhance children’s sensory integration

Speaker:Mr. NG Tsz Chung, Paul, Occupational Therapist, Social Welfare Department

  1. Topic:「The Three Steps in disciplining children」

Date:13th April 2019(Saturday)

Content:understand the reason and causes behind children’s behaviors from a child psychological perspective, and get a grasp of some effective parenting strategies  to strengthen  parent’s methods and self-confidence in educating their children.

Speaker:Mr. SO Hon Kei, Eric, Clinical Psychologist, Social Welfare Department