Integrated Programme


The programme provides early interventions and care to children with special education needs in an ordinary kindergarten-cum-child care center. Children’s learning outcomes will be enhanced through the integration into the mainstream schooling environment with peer interactions.


  • Provide training and caring to children with mild disability to effectively enhance their overall development in emotion, fitness, intelligence, language, social and self-care abilities.
  •  Through active interactions with peers, children with mild disability can realize their full potential. They will learn to accept one another.

Service Hours Follows the schedule of full day courses

TargetsChildren with a mild disability aged two to six years old referred by Central

Referral System for Pre-school Rehabilitation Service of Social Welfare Department.


Teachers’ Qualifications

Teachers in the field of special child care and inclusive education will be responsible for assessment, training and supporting children with mild disabilities. They will also promote cooperation between parents and the school by actively communicating with parents and providing support when needed.

Individual Counselling:

Regular assessment will be conducted for each child. Teachers will design individual education plan (IEP) for each children based on the data to specify different learning objectives and programmes.

Group Counselling:

Children will be arranged into different groups to carry out games and learning activities in order to enhance their learning efficiency and interests.

Counselling in the Classroom:

Teacher will shadow children in the classroom during activities with a view to promoting their participation in the activities and other relevant skills.

 Training at Home:

Home exercises will be distributed to each child according to individual needs. Parents can continue training and recording at home to consolidate children’s learning results.

On-site Therapist School Supporting Service:

A speech therapist, an occupational therapist and a physiotherapist carry out assessments for children regularly to assess and provide training suggestions to enhance children’s ability in terms of language, small and big muscles.


Children have to be referred by Central Referral System for Pre-school Rehabilitation Service of Social Welfare Department.


Should you wish to withdraw your child from the service, a written notice will be required to be submitted at least 1 month in advance.