Social Worker Services

 Social Work Services

Service introduction

Strengthen the function of family by offering supports and linkages to the most appropriate community resources.

Parents share with each other their knowledge and skills in parenting to help enhance  their ability and confidence in working with their children. Parents also establish parent support networks to communicate and encourage each other.

Parent-child activities are held regularly for parents and children to enjoy their times together and encourage parents to spend more time with their children in daily life. This helps to foster their relationship.

Provide group training and support for children to enhance their social ability, emotional control and self-help skills.

Stationing Social Worker

  • Miss Chai Kok Lam, our stationing school social worker, is a senior social worker with experience in providing counselling services for children in primary schools, teenagers and the elderly. Her main task is to provide counselling service and support according to the children’s needs such as counselling in emotional control, and social skills etc.
  • Miss Chai Lok Lam is at the school every Monday and Wednesday. Parents can call or visit the school in person to contact her when necessary.