Curriculum Characteristic

Our Mission

Children are the hope of our future society while early childhood is a remarkable phase in ones’ life. To help children establish a strong foundation for lifelong learning, we need to foster curiosity and exploration among young children, and help them develop, a healthy self-concept, confidence and the ability to adapt to the changing world.

The curriculum design is child-centered and derives from children’s interests, life experiences and abilities. We connect learning and life experiences by creating a diverse and stimulating learning environment. Their ability to learn from games and activities will be strengthened. Teachers provide professional intervention and scaffolding to help children integrate their learning experience into knowledge and cognition with personal meaning. We encourage children to learn and help them discover the enjoyment of discovery. We create cheerful, confident, kind and healthy children.

  • Cheerful Children

We are convinced that joy is the driving force behind learning. Children love playing and non-standardized games are ways to promote effective learning. As children participate in designing and developing classroom corners, games and activities, they are constructing  multi-sensory learning experiences, developing their language, mathematics and social skills. We also organize “ Mixed-age Game Days” regularly. To encourage interactions between children at different ages, and to allow them to help and to learn from each other across classes. The activity allows children to enjoy the pleasure of learning and promotes positive vibes within the school element.

  • Confident ChildrenWith the implementation of a “Project Learning Approach”, children carry out in-depth investigation and explore topics that interest them. Throughout the investigation, children experience for themselves, discuss with friends and teachers, carry out observations, experiments, presentations, interviews, conduct records and organize exhibitions etc. This learning experience provides them with the opportunity to develop their language, social skills, scientific inquiry, problem solving skills and creative thinking skills. Children were encouraged to integrate what they have learned into life applications in accordance with our teaching strategy of “expanding learning beyond the classroom”. Children consolidate and accumulate personal experience as they apply their learning into applications and .improve personal life skills. These experiences build up children’s confidence to face future learning and challenges.
  • Kind Children In the growing and learning journey, children will encounter different challenges that induce strong emotions, such as disputes during play, conflicts with brothers and sisters, change of living environment and caretakers. We recognize the importance of emotional intelligence in children development. Children learn ways to manage and express their emotions. They will also learn about ways to channel and release these strong emotions, practice ways to work and live with others, and show respect and care for others. Our school social worker will design and deliver different moral education curriculums with stories, games and role-play activities. Children will understand more about themselves and build an optimistic and confident self-image, and start their social life in the community with joy and kindness when facing the transformation of growth.
  • Healthy ChildrenChildren’s brains are rapidly developing in early childhood. The body and the brain are a whole. Balanced and healthy physiological conditions are the prerequisites to a clever brain. We recognize the importance of whole brain development in nurturing the healthy growth of children. By utilizing children’s developmental characteristics, such as their keen interest in moving around, experimenting and learning, and incorporating brain gym exercises and healthy diets into their daily schedule, we aim to help children establish ideal habits to ensure healthy brains and body development.